We provide a comprehensive range of training services to familiarise our clients with the Zanad Consult strategy concept, framework and tools to enable them create uncontested market space as well as make competitions irrelevant in their businesses.

We use a relatively simple end to end process to develop our training programs. The key to the success of this approach is that we collaborate with our clients at each and every step to ensure that the training program will be well received by the intended audience and will meet and even exceed the organisation’s required outcomes.

We also engage in a long term strategic relationship with our clients where we conduct an exhaustive training need analysis and develop an absolutely custom-made training program for employees at various levels of the organisation. The implementation of this program is closely monitored and constantly evaluated to meet the corporate objectives and eventually ensure enhanced performance linked to Return on Investment (ROI).

We specialize in helping companies create new markets and re-create existing ones in a short period of time, at a lower cost, with a high level of knowledge transfer and skill building. This is done through the integration of innovation, creativity and strategy development experience, with proprietary tools and methodologies built around the Zanad Consult Strategy process. Our objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations in realizing breakthrough innovative ideas.

Our customized training programs are aligned with the larger goals of the client organisation while ensuring that specific needs of the trainees are not overlooked. A comprehensive training proposal will be presented to you on request. 

At Zanad Consult, we do what we say. It is a guarantee.