A healthy HR function in an organisation is as important as the physical and mental well-being of the human body. Typically, the basic reason why organisations should conduct an HR audit is to get a clear judgement on the overall status of the organisation and also to find out whether systems put in place are yielding required results.

A Zanad Consulting HR audit helps client organisations to figure out any gaps and lapses and the reason for same and also compares HR plans against actual implementation in order to maximize organisational performance. Our audit is conducted with an objective study and analysis of our client organisation’s current HR programs, policies, practices and procedures and is aimed at ensuring compliance with the Labour Act (Act 651) and other labour related laws, as well as benchmarking existing HR practices in the organisation with acceptable HR ‘best practice’.

Some benefits of HR Audit are:

  • Create an HR business plan
  • Streamline HR work processes
  • Monitor compliance with established regulations and procedures
  • Develop user-friendly HR systems

On request, we will present to you a comprehensive proposal on the step by step approach to delivering an effective audit of your HR function to ensure and enhance efficient people management in your organisation.

At Zanad Consult, we do what we say. It is a guarantee.