The most powerful business decision you will ever make is selecting the executives you hire. There are thousands of executive candidates who could fill that vacant role in your organization. There is only one who will do it best. We find that one at Zanad Consult.

Our recruitment is made with a sophisticated blend of scientific assurance to mitigate risk, and a subtle art of human relations and insightful experience to ascertain a true fit. Your organization cannot afford to hire the wrong executive.

About 40% of new hires fail within the first 18 months, mostly due to poor fit. This is 100% preventable. It is our firm belief, at Zanad Consult, that a search should be conducted only by practitioners who have intimate knowledge of the industry, the challenges facing the job position, the candidate’s capability of effectively operating in the role and, as important, within the culture of the client organization. These time-tested hallmarks have remained the heart of every engagement we handle. We have built on this approach through improvements in science and technology to remain the most trusted hiring firm in the country.

On request, we will present to you a comprehensive and tailor-made proposal on the step by step approach to achieving and ensuring the best candidate works with your organisation.

At Zanad Consult, we do what we say. It is a guarantee.